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“How Fort Worth Drove Down Workers’ Compensation Costs While Getting Injured Employees Better Care” published in Public Risk, the magazine of the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA)‒We drove down the City of Fort Worth’s costs 23% “How to Decrease Your Health Plan Costs” published in The Self-Insurer, the magazine of the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) “Doing the Impossible: Better Care at Lower Costs” about our work with the City of Fort Worth published by D Magazine

"How to Calculate the ROI on Your Wellness Program” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Total Rewards Q3 2022 "Ohio Case Study” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Total Rewards Q1 2023 "Predicting Your Next Big Workers’ Compensation Claim‒While You Can Still Do Something About It,” published in PRIMA’s Public Risk, on using AI in workers’ compensation
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Scott Roloff discusses IntegerHealth

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You Know What You’re Paying for Healthcare, But You Don’t Know What You’re Getting Dr. McCallum discusses IntegerHealth’s revolutionary formula for quantifying healthcare outcomes

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